Bryan Licciardi

Head of AI, Co-founder

We're on a mission to help cities operate more efficiently through a fully automated approach to infrastructure management. Recent advancements in lidar and deep learning technology have presented the perfect opportunity to deliver a solution that is both practical and affordable.


Machine learning, data science, and engineering leader with 18+ years of experience developing decentralized large scale multi-sensor systems and designing advanced analytical methods across healthcare and surveillance domains. Skilled at building high performance cross-functional teams of engineers, data scientists, statisticians, and other technical leaders across multiple industries with while having a clear focus on actionable data-driven insights. Expert in machine learning, applied mathematics, deep learning, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, modeling and simulation and computational methods.



B.S. Mechanical Engineering at WPI

M.S. Manufacturing Engineering at Columbia University

M.S. Applied Mathematics at Northeastern

M.E. Systems Engineering at John Hopkins University

MS. Data Science - AI at Northwestern University