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Infrastructure Management has Never Been Easier

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Sensor Delivery

We mail you our easy-to-use, vehicle-mounted sensor.

Use the sensor to collect infrastructure data by driving around and then mail it back to us when you are finished.

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What's in the Box

The Cyvl sensor includes a 3D LiDAR mapping device, a front-facing camera for capturing street view imagery, and an optional 360 degree panoramic camera.

The sensor unit is easily installed in minutes. No drilling required.

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Mount and Drive

Our sensor is compatible with practically any vehicle.

Mount the sensor on top of your vehicle and drive around to automatically collect high-quality LiDAR and imagery data quickly.

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Automated Analysis

Cyvl's proprietary algorithms automatically map, classify, and analyze infrastructure assets.

Privacy is our top priority. All personally identifiable information is anonymized.

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Actionable Results

Finally, all results are made available to you via our secure, intuitive web-based platform.

Export your data in various industry-standard formats for easy integration into your favorite softwares.

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One Sensor, Many Applications

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3D LiDAR Mapping

Connect the physical and digital worlds with our DIY 3D mapping solutions

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