Streamline Infrastructure Inspections.

Maximize safety and efficiency with Cyvl's street view data capture platform and AI-powered GIS asset extraction algorithms.


Now anyone can manage the built world with ease.

Pavement Management

An automated method for performing pavement condition assessments

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Sign Management

The easy way to inventory and assess your town or city's traffic signs

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3D Surveying + Mapping

Obtain measurements of the built environment in a fraction of the time

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/ How it works

With Cyvl, inspections are as easy as 1-2-3.

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Rapid Data Collection

Advanced LiDAR and computer vision technology for efficient data collection.

Easy-to-use vehicle mounted sensor reduces time, labor, and training while improving site safety and data consistency.

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AI-Powered Analysis

Proprietary algorithms automatically process and analyze infrastructure data.

Maps and reports are generated quickly and made available to share with all stakeholders.

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Actionable Results

Interact with a digital twin of the community via Cyvl's web platform.

Share results with stakeholders and access collected and analyzed data in industry-standard formats.

Improve communication, collaboration, and data integration across your teams.

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