Cyvl Donates Sensors to WPI Students

Cyvl Donates Sensors to WPI Students

At Cyvl, we're not just about providing innovative technology solutions; we are also passionate about nurturing the next generation of engineers and innovators. Last week, during our project with the city of Worcester for a city-wide scan, we had the honor of donating state-of-the-art sensors to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), a place near and dear to our hearts as all of our co-founders are proud WPI alumni. 

This donation to the Electrical Engineering and Robotics Engineering departments is a testament to our commitment to fostering technological advancements.'s Vehicle-Mounted Sensor in Worcester, MA

Together, Cyvl and WPI will:

  • Empower Future Engineers: To further empower WPI students, we are providing the Civil Engineering department with access to all the 3D LiDAR survey data collected during the city-wide scan. This data will enrich their educational experiences and open doors to innovative research possibilities.
  • Foster Research and Innovation: To support research endeavors, we're also granting platform access to any student who requests it for their research related to AI mapping and 3D modeling projects.
  • Shape Tomorrow's Innovators: We believe in the potential of knowledge and are excited to witness how WPI's talented students will leverage this technology for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in engineering.
  • Give Back to Our Roots: This initiative is our way of giving back to an institution that played a pivotal role in Cyvl’s journey and helped shape Cyvl as we know it today.

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