Cyvl Joins NVIDIA Inception

Cyvl Joins NVIDIA Inception

Cyvl is excited to announce its acceptance to the NVIDIA Inception program. This partnership represents a significant step in Cyvl’s mission to enhance infrastructure management through advanced sensor technology and AI.

Daniel Pelaez, CEO of Cyvl, expressed his enthusiasm, stating that joining NVIDIA Inception aligns perfectly with Cyvl’s mission of improving infrastructure safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. “This collaboration allows us to leverage AI and advanced hardware to transform how the world manages its physical infrastructure,” said Pelaez.

A central focus of this partnership is Cyvl’s commitment to improving its AI capabilities. NVIDIA Inception provides Cyvl with resources to accelerate the development of AI technologies, fostering collaboration with industry experts and like-minded AI-driven organizations. This positions Cyvl to remain at the forefront of technological innovation in civil engineering and infrastructure management.

As governments and civil engineering firms increasingly seek intelligent, efficient methods for overseeing their infrastructure, Cyvl’s solutions are primed to continue enhancing the quality of life for citizens and clients.

In the words of Pelaez, “Our goal is to enhance infrastructure management through innovative solutions. With NVIDIA Inception, we’re taking an important step toward achieving that goal.”

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