Cyvl Raises $6M to Drive the Future of Transportation Infrastructure with AI and 3D Mapping

Cyvl Raises $6M to Drive the Future of Transportation Infrastructure with AI and 3D Mapping, a leader in enterprise AI solutions for transportation infrastructure, is excited to announce $6 million of new investments after 2 years of rapid growth. "Landing this investment is massive for,” says Founder and CEO Daniel Pelaez. “It’s a huge win for our team and a giant leap for the future of transportation infrastructure. In the past two years, our geospatial tech for digitizing and analyzing infrastructure has become a must-have for asset managers across the Nation.”

The funding round was led by Companyon Ventures, with participation from Argon Ventures, AeroX Ventures, and Alumni Ventures. “What is truly impressive about the Cyvl team is how they managed to find true product/market fit by collaborating with civil engineering firms in the field for a hands-on understanding of their needs,” said Firas Raouf, general partner at Companyon Ventures. “Cyvl brings far advanced AI/ML/Mapping technology to the very established – and antiquated –  world of transportation infrastructure just when it needs a better way to be analyzed and upgraded.”, General Partner at Companyon Ventures. is also proud of the continued support of its existing investors, MassVentures, Launch Capital, RiverPark Ventures, Launchpad Venture Group, and Hub Angels.

Redefining Transportation Infrastructure with AI’s end-to-end solutions leverage vehicle-mounted LiDAR sensors, cameras, and advanced AI algorithms to offer outstanding insights into infrastructure conditions. This technology streamlines inspection and management processes, significantly reduces costs, and improves safety for engineers and the communities where it is implemented.

Daniel Pelaez, CEO of explains, “We’re writing the enterprise AI playbook for civil engineering firms and governments, removing previously unsolvable barriers for managing the built environment and unlocking billions in savings by enabling fast and accurate data-driven decisions for infrastructure systems at any scale.”

The funds raised will be used to establish and grow partnerships with engineering firms and their government clientele. These collaborations are vital as they enable to seamlessly integrate its technology into the workflow of professionals managing and maintaining infrastructure, thereby broadening its impact.

Moreover, is committed to continuously improving its current AI solutions.’s team is dedicated to refining its algorithms and enhancing its data processing capabilities to ensure its partners and clients can access the most accurate and actionable insights possible.

Additionally, will invest in developing new technologies to support additional infrastructure use cases. By expanding its solution portfolio, aims to address a wider range of industry challenges and make infrastructure management more efficient, safer, and adaptable to modern challenges.

A Vision for the Future

Led by a dedicated team of engineers, data scientists, and industry experts, is poised to revolutionize civil engineering and infrastructure management. Their technology offers a scalable solution to one of today's most pressing challenges: maintaining and managing aging infrastructure. is immensely grateful for the trust and support of its investors, partners, and the engineering community. Daniel Pelaez, CEO of, said, “Together with our customers and supporters, is paving the way for a smarter, connected world, ensuring that our world’s transportation infrastructure is intelligently built and maintained for generations to come.”

To learn more about's innovative solutions, visit Stay tuned for updates on’s progress and impact on infrastructure management around the globe.

About revolutionizes infrastructure management through its AI-powered mapping technology. Their platform utilizes vehicle-mounted 3D mapping sensors and sophisticated AI algorithms to transform how infrastructure is inspected and managed. Designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety, empowers engineers and infrastructure professionals with actionable insights into physical infrastructure conditions. is headquartered in the heart of innovation and backed by leading investors such as Companyon Ventures, Argon Ventures, and AeroX Ventures. 

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