Secures $2.7M to Set Industry Standard for Civil Engineering Data Capture Secures $2.7M to Set Industry Standard for Civil Engineering Data Capture, a leader in innovative solutions for civil engineering, announced today that it has raised $2.7M in seed funding from MassVentures, LaunchCapital, and RiverPark Ventures. This funding will be used to grow the company and advance its mission to revolutionize how civil engineers manage the built environment.

Cyvl’s vehicle-mounted LiDAR sensors and proprietary data processing algorithms provide a unique solution to the challenges faced by civil engineers when it comes to managing physical infrastructure assets like pavements, signage, trees, and more. By capturing high-resolution 3D data of the built environment, Cyvl’s technology enables engineers to make more informed and accurate decisions, ultimately leading to improved construction processes and outcomes.

Infrastructure Data Created by Cyvl's Solutions

Founded by four WPI alumni, Cyvl launched its product at the beginning of 2022 and quickly captured the attention of civil engineers and governments. Within months of launching, their technology was used to assess more than 4,000 miles of transportation infrastructure throughout New England.

“The team is excited for this next chapter as we work to transform the civil engineering industry,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Cyvl, Daniel Pelaez. “This funding will enable us to continue developing our technology and expanding our team, so that we can better serve the needs of civil engineers and help them build a better, safer, and more sustainable built environment.”

Co-Founder, Noah Parker, Testing Cyvl's Sensor

Cyvl’s technology is already being used by leading civil engineering firms to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their infrastructure projects. With this new funding, the company plans to expand its customer base and continue improving its technology, with the ultimate goal of becoming the industry standard for civil engineering data capture and analysis.

“MassVentures is thrilled to lead the investment in, a dynamic deep tech startup that is pioneering urban visualization technology to make infrastructure repair and management easier and less costly for governments,” said Priya Yadav, Vice President of Investments at MassVentures. “We are excited by the wealth of deep tech innovation emerging from theCommonwealth’s research institutions.”

About Cyvl

Cyvl, Inc. is a leader in innovative data solutions for civil engineering firms. The company’s vehicle-mounted LiDAR sensors and proprietary computer vision algorithms provide a unique solution to the challenges facing civil engineers, enabling them to make more informed and accurate decisions and improve the construction process. For more information, visit

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