Introducing Cyvl: The Future of Infrastructure Management

Introducing Cyvl: The Future of Infrastructure Management

Cyvl helps governments and civil engineers better manage our world’s physical infrastructure with LiDAR and AI.

Who We Are

After speaking with their local governments, former WPI students Daniel Pelaez, Noah Budris, and Noah Parker founded Cyvl (previously Roadgnar) with the central mission of addressing our nation's most pressing infrastructure challenges.

Now, with a growing team of engineers and data scientists, Cyvl provides modern infrastructure management solutions to communities throughout New England and the United States.

Why We Do It

At Cyvl, our efforts are driven by the impact we make in our communities. 

While infrastructure is critical to our society, it's constantly overlooked and neglected through insufficient and inconsistent asset management techniques and poor budget allocation. Furthermore, current techniques can no longer keep up with the growing use and size of our nation’s infrastructure networks.

There is an agreement between governments and their citizens that our infrastructure needs to be better maintained. However, a solution that’s easy to implement and afford for communities of all sizes does not exist.

What We Do

Cyvl has developed a new infrastructure technology platform that enables governments and civil engineers to manage the world’s pavements, traffic signs, trees, and related infrastructure assets quickly, effectively, and affordably. We achieve this with our vehicle-mounted data collection sensors and our proprietary data processing algorithms.

Here’s how it works:

Sensor Delivery - We send users our vehicle-mounted sensor, which includes a 3D LiDAR and camera.

Mount and Drive - Our sensor is easily mounted to your vehicle of choice with provided mounting equipment. Drive around to collect LiDAR and imagery data of your infrastructure assets and upload it to our web portal.

Automated Analysis - We use artificial intelligence to identify, inventory, and assess infrastructure assets. Privacy is our top priority, so all personally identifiable information like faces and license plates are anonymized.

Actionable Results - All results are made available via our secure web portal, which allows you to interact with a digital twin of your community. You can share results with stakeholders and export all of your data in various industry-standard GIS, CAD, and point cloud formats for easy integration into your current software platforms.

The Cyvl solution provides a systematic way to organize and prioritize infrastructure needs so that our customers can make well-informed and data-driven decisions.

Why Now

In 2021, congress passed the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to help fuel the restoration of our nation’s deteriorating infrastructure. The passing of this bill indicates the urgency for repairing America’s infrastructure, but the perfect solution does not exist.

Cyvl is Here to Change That

Through our partnerships with leading civil engineering firms and state and local governments, we have helped dozens of communities improve their infrastructure management processes and optimize their resources.

We the People believe it’s time for the world to start taking infrastructure management seriously. It’s time to start paving the way toward a better world. It’s time for Cyvl.

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