New Technology Maps Worcester Streets One Imperfection at a Time

New Technology Maps Worcester Streets One Imperfection at a Time

WORCESTER— The 430-mile network of streets and sidewalks throughout Worcester have just been digitally scanned and inventoried thanks to a start-up company that is out to improve infrastructure mapping.

Working his first summer job at the public works department in a small town in Connecticut, Daniel Pelaez saw first-hand the difficulties of mapping the infrastructure around town. Cataloging potholes, bumpy roadway and areas in need of repair was laborious and inefficient. Fast forward to when Pelaez was at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and learning about sensors. That's when Pelaez and two classmates first came up with idea for sensors that could do this same for infrastructure mapping. was born in the beginning of 2022.

“We help governments better manage their physical assets,” says Pelaez.

Worcester is one of many towns now relying on’s technology to better understand its roadway and pedestrian needs. The company is working with more than 100 cities and towns in 20 states, including 20 municipalities in Massachusetts, and they’ve even expanded into Australia. The technology can also focus on street signage, paint markings and roadside trees or other vegetation.

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