Street View on Steroids

Street View on Steroids

"This is like Google street view on steroids" was hands down my favorite quote from our recent showing at the national APWA Public Works Expo.

So awesome to continue to receive great reception from governments across the US.

And I think this quote also captures a mindset shift in the public works space that now recognizes the NEED digital transformation tools like our "street view on steroids" to augment how they operate.

Something we've been hearing more of recently - TONS of institutional knowledge is being lost as an entire generation of public works employees are retiring. While a career in public works was seen as a strong, stable path several decades ago, younger generations unfortunately have not followed in our predecessors footsteps.

This workforce shortage is now causing a knowledge and skill gap in public works departments across the Nation and this does not bode well for an industry which has seen little innovation over the years, resulting in manual processes and "databases" that are still written down with pen and paper, or non-existent all together.

Fortunately, we are seeing thing move in the right direction. And based on our experiences with the communities that we've partnered with, things are moving quickly.

"Street view on steroids" is just one example of how governments are completely changing the way they are operating as we help DPWs connect the physical and digital worlds for infrastructure asset management.

Onwards and upwards! 🛣️🇺🇸

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