The Precision Gap:’s RTK vs. Smartphone GPS

The Precision Gap:’s RTK vs. Smartphone GPS

In the complex world of infrastructure management, the precision and reliability of data collection are critical. While smartphones have brought convenience to many aspects of our lives, they need more detailed, accurate asset management. 

This is where Cyvl steps in, offering a technologically advanced solution that outperforms smartphone-only methods in precision and reliability.

The Limitations of Smartphone-Only Data Collection:

Smartphones are everywhere, and their convenience is undeniable. However, when it comes to managing critical infrastructure, their limitations become apparent.

GPS Accuracy: Standard smartphone GPS accuracy hovers around 16 feet, which might be fine for finding a building, but it needs to be more precise for pinpointing infrastructure assets’ geolocation.’s Advanced Sensor Stack:

At, we're not just about data collection; we're about precision. Our unique sensor stack sets us apart:

Combining Technologies: We integrate LiDAR, high-resolution imagery, and high-quality RTK for unmatched data accuracy. **RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) enhances GPS data, refining accuracy to an impressive 3 feet.**

The Accuracy Advantage of

Accuracy is more than a technical detail; it's the foundation of reliable infrastructure management. From detailed road condition analysis to precise tree inventories, our 3-foot accuracy makes a real difference.

Enhanced Data Quality and Decision-Making:

Our approach to data collection doesn't just stop at precision; it's about delivering a comprehensive picture:

Beyond Just GPS: Combining LiDAR and high-quality imagery provides a richer, more detailed view of assets.

Informed Decisions: This depth of information leads to smarter, safer, and more cost-effective infrastructure management.

Choosing the right technology for infrastructure management is crucial.’s combination of LiDAR, high-resolution imagery, and RTK technology offers unparalleled precision and data quality. It's not just about collecting data; it's about collecting the best data.

Curious to see how can transform your infrastructure management? Click here to schedule a demo and discover the power of precision!

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