Blair Heavey


Over the past 30+ years Blair Heavey has been a pillar of success for the multiple businesses he has worked for ranging from digital power-houses, traditional media, new innovation, software and start-ups. Blair is experienced in creating, reinvigorating, investing, and leading companies to achieve their goals. Blair has held many different roles at different stages of company growth from Seed stage through Public Companies. This gives him the unique experience and expertise to see businesses from multiple angles, his included CEO, President of Sales, Strategic Advisor and Board Member. Blair knows that the first step to any successful business is to make sure your product fits the market you want, you have the right go-to market strategy with the right operational team leaders to clearly drive your intended purpose and results.

Blair has helped businesses across many industries including social, mobile, electronic commerce, online marketing, online advertising, fintech, edtech, print, and data protection markets.. He is passionate about challenging and helping leaders think through ventures, teams and business models toward improved purpose and results. Blair uses his collaborative personality style with years of innovation, growth and turn-around experience to assist companies with their strategic vision, creative ideas, and realistic approach to the market. Blair has helped over 25 companies achieve success and can’t wait to help your business next.

Backed by his undergraduate degree at Boston College and his MBA from Babson College, Blair has the ability to see the correct path for your business and elevate it to new heights. Blair currently lives in Ipswich, MA with his wife and 2 dogs, his 3 children live in Boston, MA.