Daniel Pelaez

CEO / Co-Founder

Daniel brings a blend of passion, vision, and good old-fashioned elbow grease to the tech industry while solving real-world problems that have been overlooked for decades.

A graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Daniel's journey started during his time working on the road crew at the Public Works Department in Southbury, CT, where he was struck by the inefficiencies from a lack of data on physical transportation infrastructure.

Applying his undergrad knowledge in LiDAR and computer vision, Daniel set out to devise an automated infrastructure mapping solution for a sector that had seen minimal technical advancement over the years. This inspiration culminated in the establishment of Cyvl.ai in 2021, initially co-founded as Roadgnar in 2020 with his long-time friend and roommate, Noah Budris, and later joined by robotics prodigy, Noah Parker.

Under Daniel's leadership, Cyvl is on a mission to revolutionize the way our world manages its physical infrastructure. His goal is not merely about technological advancement, but about creating a sustainable, data-driven future that solves pressing global issues across various verticals, now enabled by scalable sensors and hardware to connect the physical and digital worlds.

Known for his humility and transparency, Daniel fosters a collaborative and hard-working environment within Cyvl. A mentor to startups in his free time, he's keen on giving back to the startup community, inspired by the guidance he's received from his own mentors and advisors.