Success Story: City of East Lyme, CT

Map Every ROW Asset

Cyvl's direct partnership with the Town of East Lyme, CT, marked a pivotal moment in modern infrastructure management.

Home to 18,645 residents, East Lyme sought to harness Cyvl’s advanced technology, performing a comprehensive assessment of its 118 centerline miles road network to preserve their budget and make optimized decisions.


East Lyme faced the challenge of efficiently managing its infrastructure assets, including pavements, signs, trees, and streetlights. The need for accurate and up-to-date data prompted the town to explore innovative solutions for infrastructure assessment.


Cyvl partnered with East Lyme for a multifaceted project.

  • Cyvl’s sensor inventories pavements, signs, trees, and streetlights.
  • Delivered interactive 360° street view imagery.
  • Empowered the town with accurate GIS reports for informed decisions.
  • Showed commitment to improving local communities through technology.


The collaborative effort involved detailed data collection, leveraging various innovative technologies. Integrating pavement, signs, trees, and telephone pole assessments, along with 360-degree imagery and 2D imagery, provided a comprehensive understanding of East Lyme's infrastructure assets.

Positive Outcomes

Robust Assessment:

  • The delivery of diverse data points, from pavement conditions to signage and tree health, empowered East Lyme's decision-makers with a comprehensive overview of their infrastructure assets.

Efficient Resource Allocation:

  • Armed with accurate data, East Lyme could prioritize maintenance efforts and allocate resources effectively, ensuring the longevity and safety of critical assets.

Enhanced Planning:

  • The availability of  360° imagery and 2D imagery empowered the town to engage in forward-looking planning, anticipate maintenance needs, and develop sustainable strategies.

Local Government Impact

The direct partnership between Cyvl and the Town of East Lyme demonstrates the potential of data-driven solutions. Cyvl provided essential support to East Lyme's infrastructure management initiatives, enabling the town to save resources, proactively address challenges, and plan for a more resilient future.

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