Success Story: City of Gloucester, MA

Pavement Management

In the summer of 2022, Cyvl partnered with the esteemed civil engineering firm Environmental Partners to undertake a significant project in Gloucester, MA. 

This collaborative effort aimed to perform comprehensive existing conditions assessments for 167 centerline miles of roadway in the city. The project's scope included utilizing Cyvl's cutting-edge technology and Environmental Partners' expertise to deliver accurate and detailed data that would inform critical infrastructure decisions.


Centerline miles:

  • 167

Services Offered:

  • Pavement Management
  • 360 street view
  • 3D LiDAR Pointcloud mapping

Turnaround time:

  • 4 weeks

Cost savings:

  • Up to 60% vs traditional methods


Gloucester, MA, needed a comprehensive assessment solution to prioritize roadway repairs and optimize resource allocation across 167 miles of road. Limited resources necessitated a data-driven approach to identify and address infrastructure issues effectively.


Cyvl and Environmental Partners utilized advanced pavement management technology to address the challenges faced in Gloucester. LiDAR sensors and AI algorithms were employed to perform detailed assessments of roadway conditions, including potholes, cracks, and wear and tear.


The project involved comprehensive data collection and analysis, with existing conditions information coded to a customized road centerline file. High-resolution photographs were captured every 10 feet along the roadway network and linked to a CSV file and shapefile for visual documentation.


1) Detailed Deliverables:

  • Shapefile with road ratings and custom segmentation for precise identification of areas needing attention
  • Shapefile with point features indicating exact locations of roadway photographs for visual references
  • CSV file with hyperlinks to associated photos for further analysis

2) Informed Decision-Making:

  • Comprehensive data and visual documentation enabled efficient prioritization of repairs and resource allocation
  • Clear understanding of road conditions facilitated the development of strategic plans and targeted maintenance efforts for improved safety and functionality

3) Time and Cost Savings:

  • Cyvl's technology reduced time and costs compared to manual assessments
  • Efficient data collection and AI analysis allowed quick identification of infrastructure issues
  • Timely decision-making was enabled, saving resources and maximizing efficiency.


The collaboration between Cyvl and Environmental Partners in Gloucester, MA, showcased the power of advanced technology and civil engineering expertise. Conrad Leger, Environmental Partner’s Director of Asset Management, states, “We're thrilled to have partnered with Cyvl on our Gloucester project. Their advanced technology and services have greatly enhanced our roadway management efforts, improving safety and functionality. We're excited to continue working together towards smarter infrastructure solutions."

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