Success Story: City of Worcester, MA

Pavement Management

In Worcester, Massachusetts, Environmental Partners, a leading civil engineering firm, partnered with Cyvl, a technology leader, to optimize roadway data collection for a community home to 206,000 citizens.

Covering 435 centerline miles in Worcester, this project focused on two deliverables: pavement scores and 360 streetview imagery.


Data collection can be complex and time-consuming. The City of Worcester sought a solution to expedite the process and boost efficiency. The project aimed to prove that advanced technology, like Cyvl's, could overcome these challenges effortlessly and data collection be done with ease, and that data could be reprocessed and reused for many different at a later date.


Cyvl's technology offered a quick data collection solution. Four sensors, in 4 days, scanned Worcester's 435 centerline miles. This showcased the potential for technology to transform infrastructure assessment and be integrated easily into preferred software and daily workflows.


Four fleets, each equipped with Cyvl’s vehicle-mounted sensor, hit the roads of Worcester to gather data. The speed and precision of the data collection were impressive, completing the entire data collection and mapping process in just 4 days. Such efficiency demonstrates the transformative potential of Cyvl’s technology in roadway and infrastructure assessments.


Efficiency and Accuracy:

  • This project showcases the efficiency and accuracy of Cyvl's technology. In just 4 days, an extensive area of 435 centerline miles was assessed, saving valuable time and resources.

Integratabtle Data:

  • The data collected, when integrated into the City of Worcester’s daily workflows, will empower data-driven decision-making. From pavement assessments to infrastructure repairs, the insights derived from the data will enhance the community’s ability to strategize and plan for Worcester's future management plans.

Resource Optimization:

  • With accurate data readily available, Environmental Partners will be able to allocate resources more efficiently and prioritize areas in need of immediate attention. Additionally, the firm will maximize the impact of its maintenance efforts.


In Worcester, Massachusetts, Environmental Partners and Cyvl showcase how advanced technology can streamline infrastructure assessments. The project includes pavement condition scores on a scale of 0-100 and updated 360 streetview imagery. This partnership underscores efficient data collection and seamless integration into daily workflows, enhancing efficiency and decision-making. Cyvl and its partners continue to lead in innovation, dedicated to revolutionizing infrastructure management.

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