Success Story: OWN

Map Every ROW Asset, in collaboration with OWN, Inc’s Destin, Florida office embarked on an innovative pilot project aimed at addressing infrastructure management for the WaterColor Resort, a 500-acre community in Walton County, Florida.

The project covered a span of 15 centerline miles, utilizing Cyvl’s advanced technologies and OWN’s expertise to detect and document a comprehensive range of above-ground assets and roadway data.


The WaterColor Community faced significant challenges in regularly managing and maintaining its diverse infrastructure assets effectively.

The community required a modern solution to accurately assess and manage various assets including benches, bus shelters, catch basins, curbs, fire hydrants, sidewalks, trees, utility poles, and water valves, alongside MUTCD signs, distress details, and roadway striping and markings.


In response, and OWN utilized cutting-edge sensor technology and data analytics to capture high-resolution images and LiDAR data to generate precise data reports on the city’s infrastructure assets and pavement conditions. This technology provided a detailed and accurate inventory, crucial for the city’s planning and maintenance strategies.


The project consisted of mounting Cyvl’s LiDAR sensor stack on OWN’s vehicle and driving the designated roadways of  WaterColor’s coastal community.

This setup allowed for the efficient gathering of essential data, which was then processed and analyzed to produce detailed reports on the condition and location of each asset. Additionally, roadways were scored on a 1-100 scale with over 22,000 individual distress details found over 15 miles of roadway data.


1. Detailed Asset Inventory:

  • The technology successfully identified and cataloged all targeted assets, providing the WaterColor Community with an up-to-date and comprehensive infrastructure database.

2. Improved Maintenance and Planning:

  • The detailed insights obtained from the project enabled more effective and informed planning, optimizing maintenance schedules and resource allocation.

3. Pioneering Infrastructure Management Techniques:

  • With the comprehensive data and tools at its disposal, the WaterColor Community can now efficiently allocate resources, schedule maintenance, and ensure sustained infrastructure health.