Success Story: Town of Oyster Bay, NY

Pavement Management

Located in Oyster Bay, New York, with a population of 301,326 residents, this groundbreaking project covered an extensive area of 733 centerline miles—the project aimed to leverage technology to provide valuable insights into the condition of Oyster Bay's pavements.


The LiRo Group faced the challenge of assessing a vast network of roads and pavements in Oyster Bay in a timely and efficient manner.

The task was challenging, given the size of the Town of Oyster Bay, but essential for effective infrastructure management. Cyvl’s solution provided a way for LiRo to optimize its data collection.


Cyvl's advanced technology played a pivotal role in addressing this intricate challenge. The project involved deploying four Cyvl team members, each equipped with a Cyvl sensor and vehicle.

This allowed for the simultaneous scanning of the expansive area, with 120 hours dedicated to the data collection process. The project focused on delivering comprehensive pavement scores to inform maintenance planning.


1. Efficient Data Collection

  • The simultaneous deployment of four Cyvl sensors enabled the efficient scanning of 733 centerline miles in Oyster Bay, significantly reducing the time and resources required for data collection.

2. Detailed Pavement Assessment:

  • The core focus of the project was delivering comprehensive pavement scores. These scores provided The LiRo Group with detailed insights into Oyster Bay's road surface condition, enabling informed maintenance planning.

3. Speed and Accuracy:

  • The project was completed in a long weekend with 120 hours of scanning, showcasing the speed and efficiency of Cyvl's technology. The rapid data collection process allowed for timely decision-making.

4. Data Processing Precision:

  • During the 35-day data processing phase, Cyvl ensured the accuracy and reliability of the pavement assessment data.

This successful pilot project demonstrates the tangible benefits of Cyvl's technology in revolutionizing pavement assessment for engineering and construction firms like The LiRo Group. Cyvl's commitment to innovation and efficiency continues to pave the way for more sustainable infrastructure management practices across sectors and regions.

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