Success Story: Town of Tewksbury, MA

Pavement Management

In response to Tewksbury's need for an updated pavement assessment to revamp the town's pavement management plan, Cyvl and Environmental Partners joined forces in the summer of 2022.

The town, with a population of 31,388, aimed to enhance its approach to roadway maintenance and sustainability. The project's scope encompassed a thorough assessment of 141 centerline miles of roads.


Tewksbury was confronted with the challenge of efficiently planning and managing its road infrastructure to ensure safe and reliable transportation for its residents. The need for an updated pavement management plan prompted the search for innovative solutions to streamline maintenance efforts. Resulting in working with Cyvl.


Building on their collective strengths, Cyvl and Environmental Partners harnessed advanced technology to tackle Tewksbury's challenges. The project incorporated pavement scoring, 360° imagery, and 2D imagery to comprehensively evaluate the condition of the road network.

Kevin Hardiman, the Director of Public Works for Tewksbury, emphasized the impact of the solution: "It helps us come up with pavement management programs, it helps us come up with our 5-year management plans, and it helps us answer questions, well, we have a specific number associated with your road, and this is its condition. It helps us know we know what we want to do and how we’re going to make sure that it gets done."


The collaborative effort involved meticulous data collection and analysis, generating essential insights into the state of Tewksbury's roadways. The integration of pavement scoring,  360° imagery, and 2D imagery allowed for a multi-dimensional assessment, providing a comprehensive understanding of pavement conditions.

Kevin Hardiman resonated with the successful execution of the project, stating, "Our experience working with the Cyvl team has been amazing. They’ve provided more data than we thought we were going to get. From the day the data  was uploaded, they’ve been utilized by our staff."

Positive Outcomes and Impact

Informed Decision-Making:

  • The delivered pavement scoring, coupled with imagery data, empowered Tewksbury's Public Works team to plan and prioritize road maintenance effectively. This proactive approach allowed for timely repairs and optimal resource allocation.

Strategic Planning:

  • With a clear understanding of pavement conditions and a robust pavement management plan, Tewksbury can now strategize and execute long-term road maintenance plans, mitigating deterioration and maximizing road lifespan.

Efficiency and Sustainability:

  • By harnessing the power of data, Tewksbury has shifted from reactive repairs to proactive maintenance, saving costs and resources while ensuring safe and reliable roadways for the community.
Hardiman highlighted the overarching impact of the project: "We’re able to plan ahead and maintain the roads instead of wait and replace the roads."


The improved pavement management plan sets a precedent for other municipalities, showcasing the value of data-driven decision-making in infrastructure management.

In conclusion, the partnership between Cyvl and Environmental Partners exemplifies the potential of technology and engineering expertise to revolutionize infrastructure management. Tewksbury's experience underscores the pivotal role of accurate data and innovative solutions in creating safer, more sustainable, and resilient communities.

The success of this collaboration, as captured by Kevin Hardiman's enthusiastic testimonies, has not only delivered exceptional results for Tewksbury but also serves as an inspiration for others seeking transformative infrastructure solutions.

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