Sucess Story: Environmental Partners

Pavement Management

Environmental Partners (EP) is a leading civil engineering firm specializing in providing efficient infrastructure asset management solutions to municipalities. The firm has been around for 25 years and was acquired by Apex Companies, with office locations all throughout New England.

EP faced challenges in collecting reliable and timely data to help municipalities. In search of a better solution, EP discovered Cyvl, a technology company offering cutting-edge sensor and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.


EP's Asset Management team encountered difficulties in collecting data quickly to assist municipalities in infrastructure management.

Conrad Leger, the Director of Infrastructure Asset Management at EP, explained, "Being able to collect data quickly for municipalities to help them manage their infrastructure better was a key challenge we faced."

Previous methods, such as utilizing market technologies and conducting on-site boots-on-the-ground road inspections, often yielded unreliable data and were time-consuming.

Solution: Discovering Cyvl

EP learned about Cyvl at a trade show, where the combination of visual photography and accurate LiDAR technology caught their attention. Conrad shared his initial impressions, stating, "I really liked the combination of the visual photography that Cyvl offered along with the utilization of LiDAR technology for accuracy of the data."

Partnership Formation and Solution Implementation

To ensure data accuracy and suitability for their needs, EP and Cyvl initiated a partnership through successful pilot projects. EP leveraged Cyvl's technology in completing multiple roadway network projects, utilizing roadway ratings and 360 photography for data analysis and engineering design. By incorporating Cyvl's solutions, EP witnessed several benefits, including improved infrastructure management and reliable data for decision-making; with nearly 1000 lane miles of completed projects within the past year, it is no doubt that EP and Cyvl have their engines revving towards a prospering partnership.

Moving Forward

EP envisons a continued partnership with Cyvl, focusing on expanding collaboration in New England and exploring opportunities in other regions.

Leger states, "Hopefully, we can continue to build and work in New England and then look at other opportunities and other parts of the country."

EP also expressed excitement about future developments from Cyvl, such as leveraging LiDAR technology and introducing new features like interactive point clouds for enhanced design capabilities.


The partnership between EP and Cyvl has proven instrumental in overcoming challenges associated with infrastructure asset management. Cyvl's accurate data collection, utilizing LiDAR sensors and AI algorithms, has enabled EP to save time and resources while providing efficient solutions to municipalities.

With Cyvl's innovative solutions, EP continues to support municipalities in making informed decisions about infrastructure repairs, reducing accidents, and improving citizens' overall quality of life. The successful collaboration between EP and Cyvl exemplifies the power of technology in enhancing infrastructure asset management and paving the way for a safer and more efficient future.

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