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Interactive Digital Twins at Your Fingertips

Take accurate measurements of the built environment from your LiDAR data in seconds. Translating physical assets into digitized replications is a practical way of gaining valuable information.


Survey Large Areas Quickly

Cyvl's low-cost sensor provides a highly accurate method of surveying your infrastructure at driving speeds. Utilizing a LiDAR mobile mapping system allows you to survey a large area rapidly to gather precise 3D data.


So Easy, Anyone Can Do It

Data collection has never been easier with Cyvl’s vehicle-mounted sensors. Just drive around the project site, upload your data to the Cyvl cloud, and then leave the rest to Cyvl's advanced data processing algorithms. It's that simple!


Multiply In-House Resources

With the help of Cyvl’s 3D mapping solutions, you can considerably reduce the man hours required to gather survey data. By using 3D mapping technology, data collection is not only more affordable, but also more reliable.


Enhanced Data Precision

Achieve unparalleled accuracy and detail with Cyvl's mobile mapping, enabling precise analysis and decision-making for urban development, infrastructure maintenance, and asset management.


3 Simple Steps

1) Vehicle-Mounted Sensor: Automates 3D LiDAR and street view imagery data capture for large projects. Easily collect high-quality infrastructure data at normal driving speeds.

2) AI Data Processing: Builds a classified 3D model of the environment from sensor data.Automates inventories, change detection, and measurements.Utilizes: 3D LiDAR Scans, High Resolution Imagery, and GPS.

3) Actionable Results: Results are made available quickly via our web based platform.Your data can be integrated easily into your existing softwares.


Cyvl's Solutions

Seamless integration into current operations
Our solutions are affordable and scalable to fit your project's needs
Digital data formats ensure all information is easily accessible
Data collection and analysis is detailed, quick & accurate
Data is easy to export and integrate into industry-standard softwares
Tailor your services based on the solutions that you need
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Frequently Asked Questions

What assets can Cyvl's AI manage?

Currently we support pavements, signs, trees, buildings, paint markings, streetlights, and utility poles. We are constantly adding new features so be sure to reach out to get our most up to date list of capabilities.

What are the specs of Cyvl's Sensor?

LiDAR: 360 degrees, 1.3 million points per second, 120 m range, ± 0.7 – 5 cm precision
Camera: 2k resolution, images captured every 20 ft, 360 degrees interactive street view
GPS: RTK level global accuracy, further improved with aerial imagery fusion

Can Cyvl's AI process data from other sensors and cameras?

Yes. Cyvl's algorithms are capable of ingesting and processing LiDAR and imagery data from a wide variety of laser scanners, cameras, and mobile mapping systems. Get in touch to learn if your hardware is compatible.

How does Cyvl QA deliverables?

Our trained engineers inspect all deliverables after they are processed by our AI and before they are sent to our customers. We have established human in the loop quality assurance processes that are standard in all AI companies to ensure accuracy.

How long does it take to process data?

For an average sized job, we are able to turn around high quality deliverables in about 2 to 4 weeks. If we ever anticipate a particularly large job taking much longer, we will be sure to communicate this with your team.